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O ver the course of evolution, penis size has been subject to female choice and competition with male rivals. He compared hundreds of specimens of nine related species of hermit crab and showed that crustaceans that have more valuable shells have longer sexual tubes, helping them keep a grip on their homes while they extend their reproductive organs toward a mate. For the past decade or so, Laidre has been studying the behavior of a terrestrial hermit crab called Coenobita compressus. These critters are less than an inch long and picky about their homes. Because the special shells take effort to create and are tough to grip onto, C. While examining preserved specimens in museums, Laidre was struck by the diversity of penis-like structures, also called sexual tubes, in hermit crabs.
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Warring Hermit Crabs Reveal a Huge Upside to Having a Big Penis

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How to Determine a Male Pet Hermit Crab From a Female | Animals - malamute-selawikriver.com

All rights reserved. Like some of its relatives, strawberry land hermit crabs Coenobita perlatus in the Seychelles spend considerable energy "remodeling" their shells, which they are reluctant to leave for any reason—even to mate. Hermit crabs are a common sight scuttling across warm beaches, but many of these charismatic crustaceans wield something surprising and hidden—very large penises, sometimes half the length of their shell-anchored bodies. New research suggests the crabs evolved such outsized organs to help them mate without straying far from home.
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Hermit crabs evolved HUGE penises so they can have sex ‘without leaving home’

Most crab-care books state that it is impossible to tell the sex between male and female land hermit crabs. Actually I have found that is not that difficult, provided your hermit crab is willing to come rather far out of its shell for you. The female land hermit crab has tiny genital openings called gonopores.
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