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Last week, scientists published research on monkeys mounting deer in a sexual way. This interaction may seem pointless from an evolutionary point of view, but as it turns out, the striking behavior is fairly common in the animal kingdom. Many people have seen this exact phenomenon at play with non-neutered male dogs and cats, ducks, sheep and bulls. They are often willing to copulate with any female, male, animal, leg, or inanimate object that can be physically mounted. Dead or alive , it doesn't matter.
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Cross-species comparisons and the human heritage.

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How Common Is Sex Between Different Species? That Monkey and Deer Are Not Alone

Scientists may have caught two animals from completely different species having consensual sex for the first time. Sex between animals of different kinds has been reported across a wide range of the animal kingdom. Those reports of very different animals are usually seen between animals that are born and bred in captivity. Most of those examples also constitute a kind of sexual harassment. For example, scientists had previously observed Antarctic fur seals harassing king penguins. But a new paper reports mating behaviour between two wild animals — a male Japanese macaque and a female sika deer in Japan.
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Scientists observe rare case of inter-species mating

A male Japanese macaque monkey has been observed attempting to mate with two female sika deer in a rare case of inter-species mating behaviour. The scientists say it is only the second recorded example of sexual relations between two distantly related species. The only previous reported case was that of an Antarctic fur seal observed sexually harassing king penguins — and in one instance, eating a bird after having sex with it, The Guardian reports. Japanese macaques living on Yakushima are a distinct sub-species to those found in the rest of Japan.
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Non-reproductive sexual behavior consists of sexual activities animals participate in that do not lead to the reproduction of the species. Although procreation continues to be the primary explanation for sexual behavior in animals , recent observations on animal behavior have given alternative reasons for the engagement in sexual activities by animals. Observed non-procreative sexual activities include non-copulatory mounting without penetration, or by the female , oral sex, genital stimulation, anal stimulation, interspecies mating, and acts of affection.
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